What’s Your Travel Theme Song?

Two of my passions are travel (obviously) and music. As a result I try to blend them wherever I can.

Case in point, I am an organizer for a World Music Meetup group which helps me to get a feel of travel, even when I can’t go anywhere. I listen to a lot of music, so much, then just about anytime I drive somewhere, I’ve got the iPod hooked up, blasting out my tunes, on whatever playlist I want to listen to at that particular time. At work, when faced with some busy work, like entering data into a spreadsheet, or reviewing documents, I’m using music as a background theme to my activities. It is basically a soundtrack to my life.

So in thinking about travel, my mind turns to music as well. While writing this post, I’m wondering about the song that captures my feelings and sentiments when I travel. I can think of some good candidates, but for me one song stands out in particular:

“Wonders Never Cease” by Morcheeba

Feel free to Google it, look it up in iTunes, Amazon, or your preferred Music service

For me this excerpt says it all:

What do you feel
When you let go of the wheel
Can you take a leap of faith
Will you face the change of pace
There are worlds out there
Beyond compare

Going on a journey
Somewhere far out east
We’ll find the time to show you
Wonders never cease

See the full lyrics, and link to purchase the song here on the Google Play Music site. Of course you can purchase as well from any other music service.

In addition, the music behind the lyrics matches perfectly, as it conveys a sense of expansion, wandering, and exploration. Whenever it comes up on the iPod, I find it hard to skip. I sit there and listen, as it reminds me to continue to expand my horizons, in no matter what I do.

I was introduced to this song years ago, when one of my favorite channels was still in existence: Discovery HD Theatre. They would play this song as part of a promo for their channel, which combined the best of science, travel, history, and culture.

I spent much of my downtime watching in fascination, and much of the inspiration for building my bucket list, I can attribute to this network. It was quite the sad day when it was dissolved into many different channels, none of which to this day captures the quality that was on this station.

Whenever this song plays on my iPod, I am still mesmerized, thinking back to the promo, the channel, all the places I’ve been, and all the places I want to visit.

What is your travel theme song?

Let me know in the comments!


  1. T Shepherd says:

    I have an odd one. It is “Pas De Deux” from the Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky. I listen to this, on repeat, almost religiously during taxi outs and takeoffs. It all started once when I was listening and the plane lifted off the ground at the moment of the biggest crescendo in the piece. I listen, not to repeat the experience, but because I now associate it airplane travel.

    • says:

      Very interesting. I just gave it a listen, and for some reason I think of that old United commercial with the classical music in the background.

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