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What’s Your Travel Theme Song?

Two of my passions are travel (obviously) and music. As a result I try to blend them wherever I can. Case in point, I am an organizer for a World Music Meetup group which helps me to get a feel of travel, even when I can’t go anywhere. I listen to a lot of music, […]


How Rewards Helped Us Travel in 2016

In past articles I have made slight mention of the fact that I utilize frequent flyer miles and rewards points to fund much of my air travels. So no, I am not rich and do not drop thousands on premium class airfare! Instead I am able to leverage rewards by strategic spending throughout the year, […]


My 2016 Travels

In many ways I am glad to see 2016 gone, many of these are for negative reasons, as there were many things to lament about what took place last year, from the tragedies, deaths, the decline of tolerance, etc. I’m sure we can all think of less than great things that happened. Then again, a […]