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My Northern Lights Experience

      So why was I in a place called Iceland in December, knowing it would be this cold? Some may say that I had in fact lost my mind, but no, I was there for one reason. The Aurora Borealis, or better known as the Northern Lights have been a fascination of mine […]


2015 Wrap-Up and a look forward to 2016

It’s a new year, so time for the obligatory post wrapping up 2015, and looking into 2016. Then again, it is good periodically to look back and take note of all the places you’ve been. Like anything else, when you’re in the present, your progress/accomplishments don’t become apparent until you take that look back. In […]


A Nice Way to Ring in the New Year

Lately, I’ve had the great opportunity to have amazing new experiences, some of which I have been sharing on this blog. The last couple years, starting with my first trip to London has been an ongoing list of things which have been ‘firsts’ for me. As of this January 1st, another one can be added […]