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Enjoying the Views of Fort St. Louis on The Friendly Island

After hiking on Saba island, we decided that our second full day on St. Maarten, should be spent driving the island, taking things at our own pace. After being a little disappointed at breakfast over the shortage of bake & saltfish, my mood improved after enjoying some lovely smoked salmon, along with some French Toast […]


Booked Our Epic Southeast Asia Trip on Miles!

I’m a believer now. Whenever I hear someone scoff at the idea of collecting frequent flyer miles/points, and calling the activity useless, I now know not to listen. For the past year, I have been in the hobby of leveraging credit card spending on travel rewards credit cards and other air travel to collect miles and […]


St. Maarten Trip – Mt. Scenery Hike on Saba in Pictures

During our trip to the Friendly Island (St. Maarten), we went on a day trip to the nearby island of Saba. A nice laid back place, reminiscent of simpler times. We took a minibus through the town center, and then hiked up Mt. Scenery where we became one with the clouds. While on top, and […]